Velyt Ice Therapy massager for face and neck

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Velyt Ice Ball Cold
Ice Therapy for Face, Eyes and Neck, Therapeutic Cooling to Tone and Tighten Naturally, Under Eye Puffiness, Shrink Pores, Reduce Wrinkles, Relieve Migraine (with 2 molds per box)

  • Do not freeze your fingers any more by applying ice to your face, now you can use Velyt Ice Therapy, it is a specially designed for your face.
  • Refresh your skin with Velyt, the FIRST special mold for Ice Facial Therapy-Your best massager for face and neck.
  • It is a great instrument that will revolutionize beauty, easy and comfortable to use with many uses and benefits for your skin.
  • Ice Therapy Promotes blood circulation, which helps you improve the appearance of your skin.
  • Velyt Ice Therapy will be your best beauty ally. It is prefect to feed your faces with natural minerals.

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